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The National Jamboree officially kicks off July 15-24.  This will be the first year for the event to be held at the BSA’s new location Summit Bechtel Reserve.  Amateur radio station K2BSA will be on the air at the Jamboree operating several radios at the demonstration station and also teaching the Radio merit badge.  K2BSA is the official station of the BSA National Council.  This will be an opportunity to demonstrate amateur radio to an expected 40,000 Scouts.

Scouts will be operating the station primarily on voice and digital modes.  There’s also a scheduled satellite contact to the ISS!  In addition to this there are also several repeaters on site.  One of them is even D-Star capable.  These will allow Scouters to keep in contact with just handheld radios.  Other radio ops will be able to make contacts through the D-Star gateway from far away.

K2BSA will be on the air every day on or near pre-established frequencies on several bands.  Check out the frequencies Live from the Jamboree to guide you where to listen for activity.  If you work K2BSA you’re eligible for a nice color QSL card.

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