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VE team

The VE team bright and shiny.

I’ve condensed the follow up briefing from our VE team leader Brian Murrey (KB9BVN).  Last Saturday morning we officially completed our first FCC amateur license exam session.  Our success rate is 100%!  We were pleased to take part in the upgrade of a Technician class ham to General class.  Of the three scheduled to attend we had one show up.

The testing took place in Wilmeth Hall at the Golden-Burke Scout Center.  We have this same room reserved for future tests and it should accommodate around 10 exam applicants.  Our VE team is up to ten now, but we’re always looking to recruit more…especially Extra class.  Our main priority will be to serve Scouts as that is the mission of the WD9BSA group.

Brian has assembled a VE box with all the necessary paperwork and supplies.  Soon we’ll also have badges to wear identifying us as VE team members of the LARC-VEC.  I think that’ll add a nice professional look when applicants arrive.


Our excited new General.

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