WD9BSA Bert C Johnson Memorial Amateur Station

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  1. Alan R. Mc Daniel says:

    checking to see if active link for responses

    • N9IZ says:

      The items on the calendar are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I can only go by what items are relayed to me to add. I do know next month’s test session is on there and the info should be good. At least three pre-registered as of now.

  2. Thomas O'Nan says:

    We are set to activate the WD9BSA Field station at Benjamin Harrison State Park on September 10, 2016 This is instead of our Our usually scheduled Open Operations Day at Camp Belzer for September. The location at the Park is yet to be determined. There is usually an entry fee to get into the park, so be prepared for that. This is all part of the Indiana State Parks On The Air event and we need our Scouts to come and get the station operational, make the contacts and keep the logs. We also will need at least two other adults to meet requirements of the BSA. Please contact Tom O’Nan if you can attend!

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