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cropped-jota_2013_4k.jpgThe weekend of October 19-20 will be the second year we operate JOTA at our station home in the Camp Belzer Activity Center.  This year it coincides with Del-Mi District Fall Camporee.  We have an excellent opportunity to display amateur radio in action to possibly 300 scouts!  This could potentially be our biggest PR event to date so we’ll need all hands on deck.

Our JOTA event this year will be a full weekend event with continuous operation through the night if there are enough operators.  Our setup will begin around 11:00 AM Saturday morning and continue through teardown Sunday afternoon around 2:00 PM.  Camping will be available for those of us who might wish to stay onsite.  This event will be open to anyone in the Crossroads Council, so we could see additional visitors as well.  Listen for us on or around the the suggested JOTA operating frequencies as band conditions and activity permit.


We had three leaders attend the October station open hours.  Unfortunately no Scouts this month.  As the season starts to approach Fall and Winter I expect there to be more activity.  Band conditions this weekend were excellent.  Those of you who weren’t there missed an excellent 10m band opening.  We put the station on the air and promptly worked a ham in Arizona participating in the AZ QSO Party.  With this success we tuned down just a bit to 28.410 and made contact to the French Polynesia island of Moorea.  We traded signal reports of 55 both ways using the FT-900 and Randy’s homebrew fan dipole that was installed in September.  Thanks to Phil FO4BM for picking us out of the pileup.  I’ll definitely be sending off for this QSL card so we can proudly display it in our shack.  Hope to see everyone soon.

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